John Miller Story:
John Miller presents a range of everyday corporate wear and accessories that unfailingly makes you look confident and fluent. It includes formal shirts, trousers, blazers, ties and accessories like belts and wallets.

In line with the more relaxed work culture seen now a day, John Miller has also introduced a range of relaxed office wear - John Miller Hangout. The range includes printed shirts, polos, khakis, chinos & denims.

Brand Philosophy:
To succeed in today’s world, filled as it is with so many aspirants vying for the same opportunity, we all need an extra edge that gets us ahead in our own distinctive way. John Miller is a brand that creates fashion for the workplace blending a clever mix of conformity and distinctiveness allowing us to make progress look easy and what is more galling to others almost inevitable for us. The brand idea seeks to redefine societal thinking that path to success is linear, sequential and predictable. To achieve exponential success one needs a non-linear and sometimes ‘risky’ path. It resonates with people because it’s a story of growth with no prescribed milestones. It’s about reaching the top sooner not by running harder but by skillfully playing within the rules.

Tone & Manner:
The tone and manner of the brand is witty and gives away a cue of skilled deviousness. The language is always upbeat, confident and exciting (Even mischievous at times.)

Creative Expression:
Good Looking Rascal
Make it look easy

The Consumer:
John Miller consumers are apprehensive optimists. They are young corporate executives, who have seen plenty of young achievers around and, are confident of their own stride too. They are inspired by the ever-dynamic  world around  them & firmly believe that its only a matter of time before they too will be successful.